About the Toolkit

The Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership (CPHPL) Toolkit is a practical "go-to" resource with leadership tools and frameworks that can be applied to be more effective in one’s projects, internships, and jobs. The tools provide content in areas of leadership that public health employers, UC Berkeley School of Public Health (SPH) faculty, students, and alumni have identified as essential for success, such as leadership authenticity, building teams, and strategic problem-solving.

The Toolkit aligns with our mission to increase the depth and quality of diverse health leaders and professionals in all health sectors by serving as an innovative, lifelong resource for students and alumni to enhance their capacity to lead from where they are and their ability to create transformational impacts on public health and health care.

Purpose of the Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to:

  • Provide SPH students and alumni with practical leadership resources to support them in their ongoing leadership development in school and their careers;
  • Enhance their competitiveness for jobs;
  • Equip them to hit the ground running to be effective in their jobs upon graduation and beyond;
  • Increase the impact SPH students and alumni make on organizations and communities; and
  • Provide an innovative source of leadership tools and skills for alumni throughout their careers.

Who's Involved

The CPHPL Toolkit was co-created by students, for students along with the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

The Toolkit is intended as a resource for UC Berkeley SPH students and alumni.


"The toolkit provided me with resources on effective client communications, which I used to rework a previously poorly-received work product. The strategy worked - I received very positive feedback on my work after incorporating the toolkit’s advice!"
- SPH MPH Student