Social Capital Committee

The Social Capital Committee aimed to create a space for cross concentration interaction among Center for Health Leadership Association (CHLA) members as well as all graduate students in the School of Public Health. They planned events, mixers, and social activities to help School of Public Health grads get to know students from other concentrations. This committee also hosted the 1ST Annual School of Public Health Spring PHormal, a celebratory year-end event for all graduate students.

• CHLA Retreat
• School of Public Health Social Hour
• School of Public Health Bowling
• School of Public Health Sweet Send-Off Cookie & Milk Event
• Spring PHormal


Spring PHormal: Saturday May 18, 2013. Students celebrated the end of the year and the 2013 graduating class of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health with a night of dancing and celebration! 

Committee Members
CHLSB-Project Managers
• Kelsie Scruggs, MPH Environmental Health Sciences
• Aubrey Daquiz, MPH Health and Social Behavior
CHLA Members
• Allyson Beasley, MPH Health and Social Behavior
• Daniel Allgeier , MPH Epidemiology and Biostatistics
• Jazmine Garcia, MPH Health and Social Behavior
• JiaJing Li, MPH Health and Social Behavior
• Kim Garcia, MPH Maternal and Child Health
• Ruwani Ekanayake, MPH Maternal and Child Health