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Marshall Goldsmith: FeedForward: When you think of giving feedback, start giving feedforward - focus on the promise of the future rather than the mistakes of the past.

Ask the Coach: An interview with Marshall Goldsmith, Ask the Coach blogger for Advice for managers who want to learn how to influence up and become leaders in the future.

The Importance of Learning in Organizations: An interview with David Garvin and Amy Edmondson, Professors, Harvard Business School. Learning organizations generate and act on new knowledge. The ability to do this enables companies to stay ahead of change and the competition.

What Motivates Gen Y and Boomer Talent: Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Work-Life Policy on why Gen Y and Boomer employees prefer non-financial incentives.

Social Intelligence and Leadership: An interview with Daniel Goleman, Psychologist. See how you can use emotional and social intelligence to improve your own and your organization's performance.

Where Will We Find Tomorrow's Leaders?: An Interview with Linda A. Hill, Professor, Harvard Business School. We won't find new global leaders by looking in conventional places for people who act in conventional take-charge ways. Instead, look for people who can lead from behind to promote the collective genius of their teams.