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The UC Berkeley School of Public Health is recognized for being outstanding at preparing health leaders and professionals to identify and define good health policy. Additionally, School graduates need to be prepared to go forward and engage in changing policies for the better.

About the Advocacy Initiative 

The Advocacy Initiative is a program for students, recent alumni, and public health organizations to engage in campaigns to improve or protect health policies. This provides practical, hands-on advocacy training to augment other student learning modes. The overarching goal is for students and graduates to serve as effective agents of change for underserved communities throughout California.

The Advocacy Initiative works with communities and community-based organizations (CBOs) that want practical on the ground advocacy assistance in changing and protecting policies, in order to improve the health of underserved populations and remedy health disparities. In addition to achieving better health policies, the Initiative raises the advocacy skills, connections, and enthusiasm of California groups and communities seeking systemic health improvements

Activities and Events

The Advocacy Initiative includes the following activities/opportunities:

  • A 2015-2016 Advocacy and Action Series: Public Health Boots on the Ground. Learn more about these opportunities for free and lively discussions with policymakers and advocates who are putting "boots on the ground" to disrupt the status quo in diverse arenas like the Black Lives Movement, Child Immunizations and #Health4All. Videos of select sessions now available for viewing in case you missed them!
  • A health policy advocacy clinic to connect communities, CBOs, and students with advocacy skills and training to work together for better health policies
  • Advocacy external summer internships
  • Health policy advocacy minority scholarships
  • Coordinating and expanding advocacy program offerings for School alumni (as well as students from other schools and departments on campus)
  • An experienced advocacy team to coach and guide students working with communities and CBOs
  • View the Advocacy Initiative resources here.

Advocacy Initiative Courses

The following courses are offered for graduate and undergraduate students:

Health Policy Advocacy, PH 220D

This course, taught by Harry Snyder and Anthony Iton, focuses on data-based strategies using persuasive written and oral communication skills necessary to preserve and/or improve the health status of populations. The course will allow students to understand and situate the important role of focused public health advocacy in the spectrum of public health practice. Students will develop research, organization, and coalition-building skills necessary to produce an effective advocacy campaign. The course identifies the roles of those involved in the making of policy and demonstrates the use of appropriate channels and technologies to influence health policy change.


Past course offerings:

Advocacy in Action: Health Policy Advocacy Group Study, PH 298.040

This group study, taught in Spring and Fall by Laurie True, will provide students practical advocacy opportunities with local and statewide organizations to address public health and social justice issues. Students will deepen their advocacy skills and gain exposure in advocacy specific jobs and career paths. Participants will be placed with a leading health organization to complete an important, timely advocacy action-learning project. In-class discussions, case studies, and guest speakers will provide practical skills and insights that support advocacy learning and successful projects. Instructors will provide hands on project assistance and coaching. Students will also learn from the advocacy work done by fellow group study participants and the advocates they work with.





Harry Snyder, JD
Advocacy Leader in Residence
Lecturer, Health Policy and Management
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(415) 518-6715 



Anthony Iton, MD, JD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Healthy Communities,
The California Endowment
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(510) 271-4310

jeff oxendine


Jeff Oxendine, MBA, MPH
Associatiate Dean, Public Health Practice
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(510) 642-2414