PH290 Video Course Final

Public Health on the Big Screen

Video & Public Health Leadership: Using Video & New Media for Advocacy, Participatory Evaluation, & Action Research

PH 290.005 / Spring & Fall
Caricia Catalani, DrPH, MPH & Ellie Schindelman, MPH

These videos were all created by students in the PH290 Video & Public Health Leadership course, which provides a powerful space for students to learn how to use new media tools like video for public health advocacy, education, and research.


The Intersection of Art, Health, and Youth Engagement
By Diego Castaneda


Health Care Reform: Leaders in Action
By Jimmy Chang


Beyond Entertainment: Dance as Leadership
By Juan David Rangel


What is Public Health?
By Maria Teresa Hernandez


Leading From Where You Are: A Story in Health Care Reform
By Daniel Kwaro and Emily Buzzell


Improving Community Health through Art, Culture, and Collaboration
By Natalie Sacramento and Heidi Tuason


Health Care Reform: How Can Students Stand Up and Make a Change?
By Elizabeth Sanseau


Dance-a-bility: How a Creative Form of Expression Changes Lives
By Bahar Amanzadeh and Daniela Rodrigues


Justice in a Suitcase: UC Berkeley Students Making a Difference
By Denise Herd


March 4th Rally at Sacramento: Educate the State
By Megan Canon and Alexis Cooke


Drum. Dance. Community Health!
By Christina Eskridge and Unity Nguyen


Stand Up or Lie Down!
By Ann Foley


You Are the Drum
By Kallista Bley