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Telling Stories That Matter: Visual Storytelling for Health

A Webinar Training Series for Health Care and Public Health Professionals





In a world awash with information and distraction, how do those of us working to promote health and social good, rise above the noise? Raise awareness? Inspire and drive action? Visual storytelling is one powerful antidote. Stories told with compelling images, graphics and video evoke emotion and increase engagement when used on your website and social media. 


Join us for the 5th Annual 21st Century New Media Training Series, "Telling Stories That Matter: Visual Storytelling for Health" as guest speakers from various public health, advocacy, and community-based organizations present their best practices and strategies for creating compelling images, videos and graphics, engaging their tribes through visual social media, sharing stories that matter, and growing from the valuable lessons they've learned along the way. Visit the sessions page for more details, and the presenter bios page for more information on our speakers. Miss any of the webinars? Check out the many resources available including links to recordings, slides and resources here.



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Our first series, Using New Media and Social Media to Enhance the Work of Health Organizations, was held from October 2010 – May 2011, and focused on sessions that highlighted why new media matters for health organizations. The next series, The Power of Framing, Messaging and Storytelling, was held from November 2011 – May 2012, and focused on successfully using new media tools to make the case for public health. Our third series, Create.Connect.Collaborate: New Media Best Practices focused on sessions where participants learned how various public health, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations are successfully using new media tools, their best practices, practical tips, and insights learned. Our fourth series, Are We There Yet? New Media Practices for Creating and Measuring Impact focused on best practices and strategies for creating and measuring impact and telling compelling stories with videos and images. Resources from these past sessions are available here.


Why a new media series?

It has become clear that new media tools play an important role in public health education, advocacy, and promotion. By providing opportunities for health professionals to learn how to strategically use new media for public health practice and health care, the Center for Health Leadership seeks to build the new media literacy of the health workforce and provide tools for leaders to communicate with and engage diverse communities. We hope these trainings are able to provide participants with the new media knowledge and strategies they need to advance their missions and support their work to improve the health of communities in California.


Trainings are designed for people with a range of knowledge and skills who are open to participating in a learning community, sharing their expertise and experience, and engaging in active learning.







Center for Public Health Practice 




March 2015 to July 2015

These sessions are open to public health/health care professionals, including program & project managers, researchers, health educators, communications specialists, social workers, community organizers, and other health professionals with an interest in new media and social media skills.

All webinars will be hosted online via the ReadyTalk platform. 

How much?
These webinars are FREE!

Participant comments from the 2014 New Media Training Series:

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2014 New Media Best Practices Webinar: Google Analytics 

What participants found helpful
  1. A vision for a next step. New ideas about where to find stories in our work. New ideas about our core messages
  2. Methods of strategizing about social media
  3. Thinking about the answers to the "tough" questions...reiterating what we learned


How participants intend to use what they learned 
  1. Share my knowledge with my partner organization and colleagues
  2. Create and collect stories to complement/use as tools for our advocacy campaigns
  3. Strategize our objectives with my organization and come up with a plan! 


New Media Training Series pages:

 Session Descriptions | Presenter BiosResources