New Media Trainings

New media tools play an increasingly important role in public health education, advocacy, and promotion. By providing opportunities for health professionals to learn how to strategically use new media for public health practice and health care, the Center for Health Leadership seeks to build the new media literacy of the health workforce and provide tools for leaders to communicate with and engage diverse communities. We hope these trainings are able to provide participants with the new media knowledge and strategies they need to advance their missions and support their work to improve the health of communities in California.


2015 New Media Webinar Trainings: Telling Stories That Matter: Visual Storytelling for Health

2014 New Media Webinar Trainings: Are We There Yet? New Media Best Practices for Creating and Measuring Impact

2012-2013 New Media Trainings: Create. Connect. Collaborate: New Media Best Practices

2011-2012 New Media Trainings: The Power of Framing, Messaging, and Storytelling

2010-2011 New Media Trainings: Using New Media and Social Media to Enhance the Work of Health Organizations

To access resources related to these series, including presentations, handouts, and webinar recordings, please visit our New Media Resources page.