2011 Digital Stories

Below are perspectives from the CHL Fellows 2011 Cohort. Each Fellow created a digital story regarding his/her experiences in the program. Please read their bios to learn more about them!


Lauren, Environmental Health Sciences
Digital Story: "Re-Connected"
Lisa, Concurrent MPH in Epidemiology/Biostatistics and Masters of City & Regional Planning
Digital Story: "Takeoff"
Erika, MPH in Health and Social Behavior, Specialty in Multicultural Health
Digital Story: "La Claridad"


Matthew, Concurrent MPH in Health and Social Behavior/Public Policy
Digital Story: "The Big Idea"
Lauren, MPH in Maternal and Child Health, Global Health Specialty
Digital Story: "What is Public Health?"
Markell, Public Health Nutrition
Digital Story: "In The Kitchen"
Elise, Dual-degree MBA and MPH in Health Policy Management
Digital Story: "Healthy Business"
Doug, Health Policy and Management
Digital Story: "My Digital Story"
Sarah, Concurrent Masters in Public Policy (MPP) and Health Policy and Management (MPH)
Digital Story: "I Am a Leader"
Stephanie, MPH in Epidemiology/Biostatistics
Digital Story: "I Got Leadership"
Chandrika, MPH in Maternal and Child Health
Digital Story: "Mid Song"