2014 Digital Stories

Each cohort in the CHL Fellows Program develops digital stories to highlight their perspectives on having been a part of the program. Below are the perspectives from the 2014 CHL Fellows Cohort. Please read their bios to learn more about them!

Katrin, MBA/MPH, Health Policy and Management
"Learning to Shine"




Danielle, MPP/MPH, Health Policy and Management
"We are the Anecdote"




Sophie, MPH, Health and Social Behavior
"Rebranding Public Health"




Brittany, MPH, Health Policy and Management
"Believe in a Vision"



Dario, MPH, Health and Social Behavior 




Christina, MPH, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology




Mandy, MPH, Public Health Nutrition
"Dear Fellows"




Nancy, MPH, Epidemiology/Biostatistics
"Dear Fellows"




Lila, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences
"Passion Project"



Lauren, MPH, Maternal and Child Health
"Digital Story"




Cristin, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences
"The CHL Fellows Program"