Meet the 2014 Fellows


Read the bios below to learn more about the 2014 Fellows! Learn about what they expeirenced during the program by watching thier Digital Stories and learning about thier year long consultative projects with local public health organizations. 


Katrin Cox, MBA/MPH, Health Policy and Management

My long-term goal is to become a leader in the field of health policy and management. As a dual degree candidate, the MBA program will train me to create sustainable, financially feasible solutions to healthcare problems, and the Masters of Public Health program will familiarize me with the most pressing issues in healthcare, and emerging, innovative solutions to these problems. As a member of the Fellows Program, I will be able to gain knowledge in public health, learn what it means to be a leader in public health, and broaden my public health network.


Danielle Duong, MPH/MPP, Health Policy & Management

I came to the School of Public Health and the Goldman School of Public Policy to strengthen my critical analysis skills and leadership abilities in order to be more effective and strategic in ensuring that health care reform implementation meets and addresses the unique needs of underserved populations. The CHL Fellows Program offers a dynamic opportunity for me to build an interdisciplinary community and to develop concrete tools and skills to expand self-awareness of my strengths, challenges, and work-life goals; the program will ultimately provide me with clarity and direction on where my skills and abilities fit best in the public health field.



Sophie Egan, MPH, Health and Social Behavior

I want to help as many people as possible live long and healthy lives, so I came to the School of Public Health to gain the tools, knowledge, and support network to become a self-aware, adaptable leader at the intersection of health and media. The Fellows Program is a rare chance to press the pause button on my life and understand where and how exactly I can do the most good.



Brittany Giles, MPH, Health Policy and Management

I am interested in developing state and local preventative health programs for Medicaid populations, increasing the role of racial and ethnic minority communities in health policy development and program planning, and maximizing multidisciplinary community partnerships to improve health policy implementation. I decided to participate in the Fellows Program because I want to use my time at Berkeley growing comfortable with my unique leadership style and the implications this may have for my future work and career path.



Dario Maciel, MPH, Health & Social Behavior

I'm interested in the health of migrant and immigrant communities of all national and ethnic origins, and came to the Berkeley School of Public Health to learn and practice the skills to be able to develop, implement and evaluate health programs and services with communities. I'm excited to learn from my fellow Fellows and our program leaders, and in the process to form a close-knit community, become aware of our strengths as individuals and in teams, and to build on multiple aspects of leadership to be as effective as possible in the work that we do.


Christina Moore, MPH, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

The Masters of Public Health program in Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology perfectly fuses my interest in infectious diseases and community health. I am participating in the Fellows Program to develop my communication, teamwork and leadership skills in order to develop personalized prevention strategies for communicable diseases in underserved populations by intimately coordinating with communities and public health professionals.

Mandy Murphy, MPH, Public Health Nutrition

After working several years as a public health nutritionist and seeing what changes were taking place in the families I served in the context of one small community, I saw potential to take these changes to a bigger scale and, thus, went back to school to pursue my Masters in Public Health! The future of public health lies in the hands of effective leaders that are capable of clear communication and building superb teams; the Fellows Program will empower us to become those leaders.


Nancy Pham, MPH, Epidemiology/Biostatistics

I came to Berkeley’s School of Public Health to learn more technical skills, gain a deeper understanding of the populations I wish to serve, develop rich and supportive relationships with the staff and students, and push myself to be the best I could be. I am thrilled to be part of the Fellows Program because I initially didn’t even consider myself a leader, but now I realize that I can actively develop my skills and confidence alongside a wonderful group of people.



Lila Iino-Rubenstein, Environmental Health Sciences, MPH

I came to the School of Public Health to explore the intersections between the political, social, and ecological factors that impact health, as well as the role that science plays in developing policies that aim to safeguard the public from harm. Leadership and community are two themes that have surfaced throughout my academic and professional experiences; the unique opportunity to participate in the Fellows Program will allow me begin to invest in important relationships, gain important professional networking experiences, and engage in shaping and developing my academic community.


Lauren Villa, MPH, Maternal and Child Health

I am very excited to be a part of the 2014 Fellows Program. I came to the School of Public Health because I wanted to join the ranks of inspiring public health professionals who are making significant leaps in Maternal and Child Health. I look forward to collaborating with the 2014 Fellows cohort to engage and interact with the Berkeley community outside of the classroom.


Cristin Weekley, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences

I came to Berkeley to study the “one health” concept of public health: how the interactions between humans, animals, and the environment affect the emergence and spread of infectious disease through human populations. The Fellows Program provides an opportunity to develop and enhance the skills necessary to be a good leader, and further my career as a public health professional.