Meet the 2013 Fellows

To learn more about the 2013 Fellows, read the bios below that they provided as they entered the Center for Health Leadership Fellows program. Please be sure to check out their Innovation Projects, Digital Stories, and Impact Stories to learn about what they experienced during the program.


Michelle Beam, MPH Infectious Disease and Vaccinology

I came to the School of Public Health to explore the intersection and translation between science and society in hopes of informing a future career as a clinical health professional. The Fellows program is a great opportunity for me to challenge myself to learn these skills of translation and leadership, while working with peers across disciplines.



Johnna Fandel, MPH, Health and Social Behavior

I am here at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health to gain technical knowledge as well as to engage with the innovative faculty and students in the school and learn effective strategies for inspiriting leadership among communities. I am excited to participate in the Fellows Program because I believe it will be an incredible enhancement to my education and allow me to marry my experience and skills with creative and effective change within the communities where I hope to work.


Ryan Gamba, MPH, Maternal and Child Health

I’m here to study how nutrition related diseases are disproportionably spread among different ethnic groups. I want to participate in the Fellows program because I came back to school to become a leader in the field, and this will help me acquire the skills needed to one day help run an organization.


Jazmine Garcia Delgadillo, MPH Health and Social Behavior

I am pursuing a MPH in Health and Social Behavior because I want to develop a career where I can work toward ameliorating immigrant community health disparities, such as the disproportionate access to health resources and the inadequate medical care that low-income communities often experience. The Fellows Program is a great opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and to take a greater active role in voicing my opinions; thus strengthening my communication skills, while empowering others to do the same in order to make a difference in the communities I intend to work with.


Erica Jimenez, MPH (Health and Social Behavior), MSW (Mental Health) Dual Degree

My academic/professional interests: women’s health and welfare policies and programs in developing countries; undocumented immigrants’ right to health care and social services; mental health interventions for survivors of trauma; and increasing educational opportunities for low-income and minority youth. I applied to the CHL program because I want to actively develop my leadership style alongside others in a close-knit, supportive group.


Richard Lechtenberg, MPH Epidemiology/Biostatistics

After earning my B.A. in psychology at Berkeley some years ago, I recently returned to study public health and while I am loving being back, I am excited too about returning to the workforce once I have acquired the knowledge I'll need to work more productively on issues of global health, particularly maternal and child heath. I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Fellows program as I expect that the leadership and teamwork skills I will gain in the process will complement the quantitative and analytic skills I'll be focusing on developing in my coursework and enable me to make greater contributions to the field.

Meredith Lee, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences

I came to School of Public Health to continue to improve my knowledge and skills in order to be a more effective change agent in the field of public and environmental health. Given the current political climate and in light of the huge threats to public health, we need more people willing and able to stand up and effectively lead; I want to be one of those people.


Jennifer (Jenny) Martinez, MPH, Infectious Disease and Vaccinology

I came to UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health to further ground myself in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases that disproportionally affect those in poverty, and to learn what it takes to successfully roll out public health programs in the nonprofit sector to prevent and treat those infections. I am thrilled to participate in the CHL Fellows program to better understand my leadership strengths for this kind of global health work, to build up new areas necessary for effective nonprofit management, and to learn from other students as we grow together in this process.


Juliana Oronos, MPH, Health Policy & Management, Specialty in Aging

I came to the School of Public Health because the practice-based program will help prepare me for a career that aligns with personal goals of exploring leadership, improving the quality of care for the aging population, and forming relationships along the way. I hope to identify my leadership strengths, focus on areas of development, and define my goals with a supportive interdisciplinary cohort.




Francesca Osuna, MPH (Health and Social Behavior) / MSW (Children and Families) Dual Degree Program

What brought me to the School of Public Health was the chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of health and mental health challenges, especially those affecting children and adolescents. As a Leadership Fellow, my goal is to strengthen my skills so that I can work in a variety of settings, with very different kinds of people, and be able to help harness and direct people's individual talents toward goals that improve the health and mental health of others.


Kelsie Scruggs, MPH Environmental Health Sciences

I am very interested in environmental impacts on human health and working to improve awareness among policy makers and the general public. The fellows program will facilitate my growth as a leader and allow me to be the best version of myself when entering the workforce.



Delilah Sundown, MPH, Health Policy and Management

I am pursuing my MPH to become involved with the delivery side of care; in particular I am interested in chronic disease prevention and management within low income communities. I hope to be a part of shifting the focus of health care from reactive state to preventative. Through the fellows program and working with my cohort and the community I hope to hone my natural abilities as well as obtain additional skills to become a stronger leader. I hope to learn more about myself as an individual as well as how I work within a group.



Elizabeth (Liz) Taing, MPH (Maternal & Child Health) / MSW (Management & Planning)

Through the combination of social work and public health, I hope to focus on women/women's health as a way to increase access to social services, primary and preventative care; to alleviate health disparities in immigrant and minority physical and mental health; and to advocate for improved and more comprehensive community health systems. I've never thought of leadership as something that can be developed and improved, but since I've realized that, I've decided that I want to improve my leadership skills as much as possible--that is why I want to be a part of the Fellows Program.