Fellows Program

Congratulations to the 2017 Fellows! These students, who represent all School of Public Health concentrations and several dual degree programs, began the program in January 2016, and graduated on May 14, 2017. Please click here to learn more. 


About Us

The Fellows Program was an 18-month leadership development program for incoming 2-year MPH students in all disciplines. The inaugural cohort of 12 students began this exciting program in December 2009, and completed it in May 2011. The Fellowship is now in its seventh and final year, and has graduated an amazing and talented cohort of 10 Fellows for the 2015-2017 program.

Built on a principle of developing leaders from the inside-out, the program aimed to inspire students to become the best that they can be and to strengthen their abilities to make a positive difference in the world. The Fellows program was designed to complement students' coursework, consulting projects, and faculty mentoring, which are also essential components of student leadership development in public health.


 The 2016 Fellows

The Fellows in each cohort, representing almost all concentrations and dual degree programs, were chosen to participate from among a large and very competitive pool of applicants. Students received course units to enable them to commit approximately 10 hours/week for program activities.

Students engaged in a diverse program of learning activities, including training workshops, mentoring, assessments, experiential exercises, leadership coaching, conversations with health leaders, opportunities to facilitate and present with feedback, and action-learning consulting projects within the School of Public Health and in the community.

This program was developed after CHL faculty and staff researched successful leadership development programs in other schools of public health and graduate programs throughout the US. We also interviewed School of Public Health faculty as part of a strategic planning process for the Center, who suggested that we develop a competitive, opt-in program for students who were motivated to add a focus on leadership development to their regular School of Public Health curriculum.

Each student created an individual development plan for the 18-month program, continually assessing progress with a program faculty member, peers, and a professional leadership coach. This multi-faceted program involved multiple program components to encourage growth and learning in different ways. For example, students participated in bi-weekly Friday community learning sessions focused on interactive approaches to developing leadership skills. These sessions were complemented by a field trip each semester where students had the opportunity to engage in conversation with local health leaders in the field. Field trip locations included Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Additionally, students were put into interdisciplinary teams during the Fall semester to work on an 12-month consulting project with a local public health organization. This consulting team served as a laboratory for building teamwork and consulting skills. The Fellows program culminated in a program graduation at the end of the 18 months, which included School of Public Health staff, faculty, friends, and family.

As a result of participating in this program, students:

  • Increased their self-awareness of their leadership strengths and areas where they could grow
  • Increased their understanding of the competencies necessary for "leading from where you are" and serving in leadership roles
  • Increased their ability to develop themselves as leaders over the course of their careers
  • Enhanced their ability to work successfully across disciplines
  • Enhanced their professional networks
  • Increased their skills for providing and receiving coaching throughout their careers


Leadership Fellows Program Offering Pausing for Now

We have had the privilege of administering the Center for Health Leadership Fellows Program for seven years, building an inspiring and diverse community of Fellows Alumni who are making a positive difference in the world. As we look to the future, we are pausing the program and exploring the opportunity to broaden our commitment to provide leadership development and professional development offerings to School of Public Health students. This includes through CPHPL sponsored courses, student groups, and the variety of exciting events, workshops and leadership opportunities provided through the student-run, professional organization, Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL). To all our partnering supporters and champions of the program, we give our deepest appreciation. And to our strong and amazing network of Fellows leading from wherever they are, we thank you for your participation and valuable contributions to the program!

Questions regarding the Fellows Program? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the CHL Fellows Program Flyer here and the 2017 Fellows Handbook here.

2017 Fellows:
Vanessa Au, MPH, HSB
Robert Brown, MPH, HSB
Marvin Crespin-Gamez, MPH, HSB
Sabine Dabady, MPH, PHN
Amelia Plant, MPH, MCH
Diana Rios, MPH, HPM
Fiona Ruddy, MPH/MCP, HSB/Housing, Community and Economic Development
Kiana Said, MPH, EHS
Anitra Smith, MPH, HPM
Claudia Zaugg, MPH, MCH

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2016 Fellows:

Carlos Cerda, MPH, HPM
Victoria Gawlik, MPH, Epi/Bio
Samuel Gunther, MPH, IDV
Jessica Ng Luna Klein, MPH, PHN
Briana Levin, MPH, HSB
William (Billy)Luong, MPH, MCH
Jeremy Ramirez, MPH, HPM
David Resnick, MPH, HSB
Brian Rodriguez, MPH, EHS
Cassandra Vega, MPH, HSB
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2015 Fellows:
Annie Alexandrian, MPH, MCH
Nima Beheshti, MPH, PHN
Victoria Benson, MPH, HSB
Rachel Blythe, MPH, EHS
Shya Castillo, MPH, HSB
Andy Chau, MPH, HPM
Laura Ann Coelho, MPH, HSB
Darcy Craig, MPH, MCH
Maggie Crosby, MPH, MCH
Eric Fischer, MPH, HPM
Ruvani Fonseka, MPH/MSW, Epi/Bio
Megan Hatfield, MPH, IDV
Chantal Hildebrand, MPH, HSB
Dan Hudes, MBA/MPH, HPM
Whitney Jemison, MPH, HPM
Beth Keolanui, MPH, HPM
Kevin Lee, MPH, HSB
Stephanie M. Liu, MPH, IDV
Jenny Nakata, MSW/MPH, HSB
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2014 Fellows:
Katrin Cox, MBA/MPH, HPM
Danielle Duong, MPH/MPP, HPM
Sophie Egan, MPH, HSB
Brittany Giles, MPH, HPM
Dario Maciel, MPH, HSB
Christina Moore, MPH, IVD
Mandy Murphy, MPH, PHN
Nancy Pham, MPH, Epi/Bio
Lila Lino-Rubenstein, MPH, EHS
Lauren Villa, MPH, MCH
Cristin Weekley, MPH, EHS
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2013 Fellows:
Michelle Beam, MPH, IDV
Johnna Fandel, MPH, HSB
Ryan Gamba , MPH, MCH
Jazmine Garcia Delgadillo, MPH, HSB
Erica Jimenez, MPH (HSB), MSW (Mental Health)
Richard Lechtenberg, MPH Epi/Biostats
Meredith Lee, MPH, EHS
Jennifer (Jenny) Martinez, MPH, IDV
Juliana Oronos, MPH, HPM
Francesca Osuna, MPH, HSB
Kelsie Scruggs, MPH, EHS
Delilah Sundown, MPH, HPM
Elizabeth (Liz) Taing, MPH/MSW, MCH, Management & Planning
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2012 Fellows:
Elisabeth Berger, HSB
Oliver Chu, MBA/MPH
Marlowe Dieckmann, MCH
María Fernández, HSB
Rebecca Fuoco, EHS
Christina Jeffery, MCH, MPH/MSW
Nisha Parikh, EHS
Patrick Ramirez, HPM
Ashley Williamson, IDV
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2011 Fellows:
Lauren Baehner, EHS
Lisa Chen, MPH/MCP
Erika Granados, HSB
Santhi Hariprasad, HPM
Matt Ingram, MPH/MPP (HSB)
Lauren Lessard, MCH
Markell Lewis, PHN
Elise Mariner, MBA/MPH (HPM)
Doug Penner, HPM
Sarah Sattelmeyer, MPP/MPH (HPM)
Stephanie Stramotas, Epi/Biostats
Chandrika Zager, MCH
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Our Experience in the CHL Fellows Program

Sarah Sattelmeyer, MPP/MPH, 2011

Stephanie Stramotas, MPH, 2011

We come from different backgrounds, have different career goals, and are at different points in our academic and non-academic lives. However, the Center for Health Leadership brought us, and ten of our MPH classmates, together through a common interest in leadership.

Unlike other leadership programs in which we have participated, the Center for Health Leadership (CHL) Fellowship has focused on holistic leadership development; sure, leadership means being able to take the reins of a group project and be an effective student, advocate, and employee, but we often forget that it also involves a deep knowledge of self.

Under the guidance of CHL faculty, and with the support of our peers, we have worked to develop ourselves through opportunities to analyze and reflect upon our entire leadership skill set. Fellowship projects and activities serve as tools that allow us to share our personal experiences and perspectives, creatively solve problems, analyze decision-making, and set personal and professional goals.

The Fellowship program also focuses on demonstrating the broad range of careers available in the field of Public Health and assists us in making meaningful connections with leaders of public health agencies, both at our fellowship meetings on campus and within the larger Public Health community.

This experience has tied our classroom learning—in concentrations ranging from Maternal and Child Health to Epidemiology and Biostatistics to City Planning—directly to our careers by allowing us to integrate knowledge and action. And this action is guided by a group process, continually being updated based on group dynamics and available resources.

The UC Berkeley CHL Fellowship program has given a modern facelift to traditional leadership development and training. As we move into the new academic year, we are excited to continue our evolution as leaders, students, and public citizens.

In the words of the Fellows...their goals and aspirations

What do you hope to gain from being in the fellows program?

"I hope to gain a better understanding of my strengths as a public health leader and how I might improve upon my current skill sets and determine how I can most effectively contribute to a team of public health professionals and the communities we will serve."

"I hope to gain more confidence in my abilities as a leader to affect positive change in the world, practical experience in initiating and carrying out a meaningful project while enhancing my team-building skills and ability to network with community leaders and other public health professionals."

What are your personal and professional goals?

"I am pursuing a MPH at UC Berkeley so that I can become a leader and advocate for increased access to family planning methods in the field of international public health. I strongly believe that fertility choice is a fundamental right for women throughout the world and I hope to join the ranks of top international public health professionals and develop culturally appropriate, sustainable and accessible family planning programs."

"Upon completing my Masters in Public Health, I plan to attend Medical School to become a physician and a public health advocate, working to provide responsible medical care both to the individual and the larger population. I am committed to being a dedicated, intelligent, open-minded physician, and I think that pursuing degrees in both public health and medicine will allow me that extra level of commitment that will become a benchmark for my professional career."

What does leadership mean to you?

"I consider leadership to be the process in which one can enlist the support and expertise of others to accomplish a goal. In the realm of public health, we have a unique cadre of colleagues with a variety of skill sets. When we successfully collaborate with each other, we can address the most pressing and complex health issues facing populations."

"I define leadership as the ability to motivate and inspire people toward a common goal. A good leader possesses strength, vision, humility, a good work ethic, and the ability to delegate work fairly."

"Leadership is more than just being in charge and directing a team. Leadership is possessing attributes of a leader, one who inspires and guides, supports and motivates those around her or him."