Isms Conference 2008 - Main Page

2008 Isms Conference - Main Page

Building Inclusive and Multi-Culturally Competent Health Organizations:

A Healing Approach to Addressing the Isms

The ISMs Initiative, through the Center for Public Health Practice in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, held its second ISMs Conference event open to the healthcare and public health communities in the Bay Area and beyond.

These events are designed for people working in organizations who are addressing issues of health inequities, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion. Our events and training programs focus on what we can do inside our organizations so that we have the cultural competence to do this work effectively with the communities we serve. We decided to call this work the ”isms” as a way to indicate that:

  1. We aim to be inclusive in addressing the whole range of areas where people experience discrimination, bias, prejudice and oppression (all the “isms”)
  2. We aim to talk openly about these issues in a deep and authentic manner

This conference, titled “Building Inclusive and Multi-Culturally Competent Health Organizations:  A Healing Approach to Addressing the Isms” was geared towards individuals and organizations who are:

  • Experienced in working with these issues
  • Willing to share their experiences in addressing these issues
  • Newly committed to working with these issues
  • Open to learning more

At this conference, Dr. Ken Hardy helped us take a deep look at how we can work to understand and heal the wounds of bias and oppression within our organizations – a profound and challenging topic – and one he addressed with much wisdom, experience and compassion.

In addition to Dr. Hardy, we had many other excellent workshops and presentations with dynamic leaders in the field, which you can read about on this conference site.

See our flier here! Find out more about the sessions on our resources, speaker information and sponsor pages. If you missed the conference, visit our Relive it! page!


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