2010 Conference - Agenda


Thursday, April 15, 2010: 8am – 5pm

8:00 Registration & Breakfast

8:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00 Keynote Speaker: Howard Rheingold, Lecturer, Stanford and UC Berkeley Universities – “New Media Literacies for the 21st Century”

10:15 Break

10:45 Opening Panel:  New Media and the Transformation of Health

Anna-Lisa Silvestre, Vice President of Online Services, Internet Services Group, Kaiser Permanente
Al Lundeen, JD, Deputy Director, Office of Public Affairs, CDPH
Ben Wilson, Director, Healthcare IT, Digital Health Group, Intel Corporation

12:00 Lunch and New Media Stations open

1:00 Concurrent Seminars

Seminar 1: A Social Media Primer for Health Leaders
An overview of the New Media tools available to health leaders and how they are being used in a variety of health settings

Julie Murchinson, Managing Director, Manatt Health Solutions & Co-Founder of the Health 2.0 Accelerator
Kerry Shearer, Communication & Media Officer, Sacramento County Public Health Division

Seminar 2: Moving Your Organization Into the Future Using New Media
Organizational change can be challenging, particularly change involving the adoption of new technologies. This seminar addressed lessons learned from early new media adopters on how to effectively integrate new media tools into health organizations.

Kate Fowlie, Communications Officer, Contra Costa Health Services
Anna Roth, CEO, Contra Costa Hospital

Seminar 3: New Media Tools for Advocacy and Community Organizing
New media can provide powerful tools for facilitating community building and community organizing for action. Through tools like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, and email, health advocates can bring people together and engage in collective action around the health and social justice issues that concern us most.

Caricia Catalani, Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley and Co-Founder, VideoVoice Collective
Arnold Chandler, Principal, A.L. Chandler Consulting

Seminar 4: Incorporating New Media into an Already Busy Life
For those of us who struggle to keep up with our email, integrating additional communication activities into our busy work schedule can be daunting. This seminar provided tips from a personal productivity consultant on how to get the most out of the participant's time and strategically utilize new media opportunities.

Speaker: Jody Ranck, DrPH, Principle Investigator/Consultant, Public Health Institute

Seminar 5: Leading New Media Adoption: Working Effectively Across Generations
There are vast differences in our use of new media tools across generations. How can seasoned and younger leaders partner to find ways to effectively integrate new media into our work and organizations across the generations?

Deb Levine, Executive Director and Founder, ISIS
Margaret Lucas, Youth Outreach Coordinator, ISIS

Seminar 6: Mindfulness & Technology: Developing Healthy Relationships With Our Smartphones, New Media Tools and More
iPhone, email, Blackberry, Facebook, wifi... friend or foe? These elements of modern life can help us stay connected and communicate easily, but also can seem like obstacles to remaining present and grounded due to constant stimulus and interruption. Participants explored their relationship to technology through discussions and exercises using their tech gadgets, and explored strategies for developing "healthier" relationships with the technologies participants may both love and hate...

Speaker: Anushka Fernandopulle, Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Meditation Teacher

Seminar 7: Using New Media  & Health Communication Tools for Wellness and Disease Management
In an era of rising health costs and increasing demands on health care professionals, we must search for technological solutions for engaging patients in their health and health care. In this seminar, participants learned about developing strategies for engaging patients.

Amy Tenderich, Journalist/Health 2.0 Consultant
Wayne Pan, MD, PhD, MBA, Senior Consulting Partner, SciMed Partners

2:15 Break

2:45 Concurrent Seminar #2

4:00 Reception


Friday, April 16, 2010, 8am – 3pm

8:00 Registration & Breakfast

8:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00 Keynote Speaker: Tessie Guillermo - "Overcoming the Digital Divide and Using New Media to Improve Health for All"

10:00 Break

10:30 Concurrent Hands-on Workshops to train health leaders in how to effectively use New Media Tools.

Workshop 1: New Media Tools: Using Twitter, Blogs, and More for Health
Have you wondered how to use the new social tools to communicate? Do you want to learn how to build an audience? In this two hour hands-on workshop, participants learned how to start blogging and micro-blogging to communicate health information and engage online communities. 

Chia Hwu, Principal, The Subtle Influence
Alex Kawas

Workshop 2: Social Networking Tools: Using Facebook, Ning, and More for Health
A hands-on workshop, including case studies and instruction on how to strategically use social networking tools to connect to with communities, near and far, and facilitate participation in health research, advocacy, and education. 

Manny Hernandez, President, Diabetes Hands Foundation and Social Media Consultant
Will Brown, Manager, eCommunications/Administration, Health Research for Action, UC Berkeley
Courtenay Stewart, Community Advocate, Ning

Workshop 3: Digital Storytelling for Health
Participants learned how youth and adults around the world are using media tools to share, record, and value stories from their lives, with local and global examples from the health arena.  "Digital storytelling" is a participatory new media practice that emphasizes first-person narrative, meaningful workshop processes, and a goal of promoting artistic expression, health and well being, and justice.

Instructor: Andrea Spagat, San Francisco Bay Area/Northwest Director, Center for Digital Storytelling

Workshop 5: Creating and Sharing Online Video
Video is a powerful means of communication that can be integrated into public health research, advocacy, and education. During this hands on workshop, instructors taught participants how to use Flip video cameras to capture places, people, and ideas in a way that communicates with colleagues, policymakers, and community alike. 

Caricia Catalani, Lecturer, UC Berkeley and Co-Founder, VideoVoice Collective
Diego Castaneda, Researcher and Doctoral Candidate, UC Berkeley

Workshop 6: M-health: Mobile Phone Applications for Health Promotion and Disease Management
During this panel discussion, health researchers and advocates discussed broad applications and case studies of the ways in which mobile phones are transforming health around the world. This discussion focusedd on the hard part - getting started - and the approaches being taken.

Mike Kirkwood, Founder, Polka
Kathy Kim, MBA, MPH, President, Kim Consultants
Doug Trauner, CE O, TheCarrot.com

Workshop 7: The Use of New Media in the Global Health Arena
Participants learned how powerful new media applications are transforming public health and health delivery in developing countries.

Jody Ranck, DrPH, Principle Investigator/Consultant, Public Health Institute
Julian Wimbush, PhD, Research Fellow, CIDER

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Roundtables: Leadership Strategies for Successful Adoption of New Media in Organizations


  • Share questions, concerns and new media success stories with colleagues
  • Explore solutions for the challenge of new media adoption.

2:25 Closing


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