Leaders-in-Action Grants

The Student Collaborative for Impact Leadership (SCIL) - formerly the Center for Health Leadership Association (CHLA) - is a professional group by and for School of Public Health students that provides tools and opportunities to lead from where you are today.  

About the Leaders-in-Action Grants: 
One way the SCIL pursues its mission is by offering graduate-level School of Public Health students the opportunity to apply for and participate in Leaders-in-Action Grants. Leaders-in-Action Grants provide students with up to $500 in funding to accomplish small-scale projects or events that aim to improve the health of their peers, the greater UCB community, or local East Bay community.

At their core, Leaders-in-Action Grants are meant to provide grant recipients an opportunity to enhance and develop leadership and professional skills by actively engaging or mobilizing their School of Public Health peers around a service or educational activity. In addition to enhancing relationship building, community organizing, and project management skills, Leaders-in-Action Grants also provide students with the opportunity to participate first-hand in a grant application process.

Applications are now closed for the 2017 Leaders-in-Action Grants. 

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2017 Grantees









Healthy Breakfast Pop-Up Series
We are hosting a 3-part breakfast pop-up series at University Hall to educate public health graduate students about simple, healthy breakfasts that are convenient to take to campus. With a lack of healthy options surrounding the building, we would love to share simple recipes that students can prepare in advance and pick out of their refrigerators each day.

We will teach three simple breakfast menus: an overnight oatmeal bar with toppings and variations of flavors, a smoothie bar with different fruits and vegetables to blend on-site, and avocado toast with a choice of toppings. This breakfast series will allow students to enjoy not only a healthy breakfast, but also a comfortable space to mingle with other students before class.

Next event in the series:

February 21, 8am - 10am
198 University Hall

Calling all SPH students for a healthy start to your day! Join Leaders-in-Action grantee SPH Breakfast Pop Up Series for avocado toast on February 21st! We'll have coffee, tea, a variety of toppings, and giveaways! Download our flyer.

Chrissy Badaracco
Maggie Rasnake
Marisa Westbrook


Community Health







Starting in 2013 a partnership was formed with the organization Harm Reduction Services to learn from their outreach work with people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento, CA. Friendships and conversations developed and it was learned that there is a lack of trust in traditional clinic-based healthcare services among people experiencing homelessness. This brought about the question: What are effective ways to learn from a community of people who are not only underserved in terms of healthcare, but marginalized in most settings?
A project was developed to conduct oral history interviews to guide the development of specific health interventions. Rooted in stories of unconditional mutual support and care among people experiencing homelessness, a plan was developed to create a health promotion program through a series of community-led meetings. These meetings and continued conversations led to a community-inspired CPR, first-aid and overdose training program.

The first of a series of these trainings took place in December, 2016 after extensive planning and collaboration between health leaders who experience homelessness, medical professionals and outreach workers. Not only did everyone at the training leave with increased knowledge about lifesaving skills and overdose prevention, a space was created for stories of health challenges and firsthand experiences to be shared.

Project Members:
Dee Marie Chavez: Community Health Promoter and Leader
Diane Alise Evans: Community Health Promoter and Leader
Phil Summers: Emergency Medicine Resident
Crister Brady: UC Berkeley School of Public Health graduate student in 1 year Interdisciplinary MPH program
Jason Cummings: UC Davis undergraduate
W. Suzanne Eidson-Ton: UC Davis Family Medicine Faculty Member
Harm Reduction Services staff

Stay tuned - more grantee information coming soon!


Past recipients of Leaders-in-Action Grants have applied funds towards activities related but not limited to community service, health education, presentations, and workshops:


2016 Grantees









Help A Sista' Out - Linking transgender inmates with culturally appropriate health and well-being services upon their release from jail.
Black Youth in Action - Engaging African American/Black adolescents to find ways to address tensions between the black community and society as a whole in a positive manner.
Therapeutic Yoga for Public Health Students - Yoga for Public Health graduate students, tailored to the unique stresses of public health classes and graduate school.
Cooking Simplified Student Food Insecurity Focus Groups - Understanding how students cope with food access and food insecurity issues.


2015 Grantees:


Healthy Bears Take the Stairs

Healthy Bears Take the Stairs is a health and sustainability campaign in University Hall (U-Hall) that aims to reduce electricity consumption by promoting taking the stairs instead of elevators, and to increase physical activity among those who work and study in U-Hall. Visit their Facebook page to learn more. 
Contact: Isabelle Thibau, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Mentors in Public Health

The Mentors in Public Health program is led by the student organization Multicultural Health in Action (MHIA).

Contact: Xenia Shih, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



OUSD Garden Renovations

More information on this project coming soon!

Contact:Margareta Brandt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Borderland Practice

More information on this project coming soon!

Contact: Adrianna Alexandrian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2014 Grantees:

Eliminate the Stigma Week aimed to change the attitudes and discriminatory behaviors associated with mental health problems by creating fun and interactive events for students to participate in, while at the same time introducing them to campus resources to help with any stress. Eliminate the Stigma Week included activities such as a mental health discussion, De-Stress Fest, a movie screening, Unspoken Stories, and a Stamp Out Stigma Run.

Fruit Access at Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP) aimed to change internalized personal beliefs by changing the social and physical environment around healthy food. Based on research that indicated that a fruit access program in the form of weekly fruit delivery directly to a common space may improve the health habits of students, faculty, and staff, the Fruit Access at GSPP fostered a better working environment and created a stepping-stone for further health improvements at GSPP and within the broader UCB community.

Apply 'Design Thinking' to Public Health Workshop aimed to introduce SPH students to the methodology of 'design thinking' through fun, hands-on activities. Guest speakers who have worked with design thinking methodology shared their practical experiences, and the workshop's activities were drawn from UCB members' experiences working at companies like Google, Microsoft, and IDEO. The workshop provided School of Public Health students with a fresh and useful set of tools they could draw upon to implement health interventions from a design thinking perspective.


Current Board Members:
Chrissy Badaracco, Public Health Nutrition
Lauren Caton, Maternal and Child Health
Caity Connolly, Health Policy and Management
Daniela Flores, Public Health Nutrition
Elise Harb, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Brittany Margot, Maternal and Child Health
Hmelissa Mlo, Maternal and Child Health
Simone Saldanha, Public Health Nutrition


Current Committee Members:
Chloe Balma, Health Policy and Management
Erika Brown, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Caren Chen, Health Policy and Management
Erica Madero, Health and Social Behavior
Andrea Martinez, Health Policy and Management
Hmelissa Mlo, Maternal and Child Health
Amelia Plant, Maternal and Child Health
Maggie Rasnake, Public Health Nutrition
Simone Saldanha, Public Health Nutrition
Ina Zhang, Infections Disease and Vaccinology

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.