CHLA Conference 2015


StoryCon 2014

StoryCon 2015
April 10, 2015 | 1-4 pm
150 University Hall, UC Berkeley


Stories of public health permeate our daily lives. As public health leaders, we are charged to see health in all its facets, synthesize what we see, and tell the stories of our communities and those we serve. It is through stories that we can best advocate for policy change to improve population health, secure grant money for our research and organizations, and communicate about the challenges and successes of our work with our friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

StoryCon 2015 Presenters

StoryCon 2015 brought together graduate student storytellers and their public health stories from across campus and universities. Experts in storytelling demonstrated important storytelling skills to be applied in everyday work. Participants were inspired to better craft and relay their stories to grow in their professional careers while helping the communities they serve.

Watch the storytellers below and learn more about our student and guest speakers here.


StoryCon 2015 presenter Nap Hosang

Student Speakers

David Chaulk, MD, MPH in Health Policy & Management
Ejiro Ntekume, MPH at UCLA
Kavya Parthiban, BA in Public Health
Sharada Prasad, MS/PhD in Energy & Resources
Karen Reyes, MD, MPH in Health Policy & Management
Rachel Sklar, MPH in Environmental Health

Guest Speakers

Dr. Robert Nap Hosang, MD, MPH, MBA
Lecturer & Director of On-Campus/Online MPH Degree Program
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Tammy Pilisuk, MPH
California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Stories of vaccine-preventable disease

Diane Rachel
Performer, Coaching and Corporate Training Staff
BATS Improv


Storyelling Videos

Keynote Address
Robert Nap Hosang, MD, MPH, MBA, UC Berkeley School of Public Health



Into the Pit
Rachel Sklar, MPH
Sharada Prasad, CS, MS, PhD



Disabled but Not Defeated
Karen Reyes, MD, MPH



Shot by Shot: Stories of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Impact of Storytelling
Tammy Pilisuk, CA Department of Public Health



Yemeni Fried Chicken
David Chaulk, MD, MPH



Dance Your Way to Health
Ejiro Ntekume, MPH



Homelessness and the Secret Health Inequities of Home
Kavya Parthiban, BA




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