Our Impact

The Center for Public Health Leadership & Practice (CPHPL) aims to make an impact on students, faculty, professionals, and communities. Explore below a few of the different ways we are making impact!

The Fellows Program

The Fellows Program was an 18-month leadership development program for incoming 2-year MPH students in all disciplines. Built on a principle of developing leaders from the inside out, the program aimed to inspire students to become the best that they can be and to strengthen their abilities to make a positive difference in the world. 


2016 Fellows

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Student Reflections:

Challenge people to think differently and boldly about leadership & styles of leadership

"Before the Video and Public Health Leadership Course, my concept of leaders were people who were born with the charisma and extroverted personalities to convince everyone to do what they wanted. What I learned is that leading from where you are involves BOTH empowering others AND not giving up your own power.

I can empower others by listening, respecting their POV, and not pushing my own ideas or approach. I can stay empowered by respectfully speaking up and being true to my vision, and not caving in or pleasing/serving others for the sake of being liked or avoiding conflict.

From meetings with our instructors, I also gained a lot more respect for all that goes into skillful facilitation. Without it, there are so many ways that group work can go wrong! I now understand that I'm not fundamentally flawed or incapable of working in teams. I can practice sharing my ideas while hearing and respecting others. I can change my approach to working in groups without having to rewire my whole personality. I also learned the difference between a work or study group and a real team: having a clear goal that we have to accomplish together.

At work, I've been taking more initiative to prepare meeting agendas that address problems or result in action steps. Instead of worrying about personality conflicts and assuming nothing will change, I recognize that the problem with most groups isn't the PEOPLE; it's the lack of a clear goal."

- Ann Foley, Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evaluation Area Assistant,
Graduate School of Education, Fall 2009

Promote “leading from where you are”

"Involvement with the Center for Health Leadership, serving on the Center for Health Leadership Student Board, and the advice and support that is at fingertips reach from the staff and faculty there has been priceless. The leadership skills that I've learned have contributed to my ability to tackle roles I've taken on in my professional career, such as serving on the Board of Directors for the California Association of Healthcare Leaders. Leadership isn't just something used during the 40 hour work week. Thus, the CHL doesn't just provide students with tools so they can thrive here while students, they provide them tools so they can thrive for the rest of their lives."

- Baljeet Sangha, MPH 2010, Health Policy & Management