2012 Isms Conference Part II



Making the Invisible Visible:
Healing the Wounds of Internalized Oppression and Privilege

Part 2 in the "Building hope change in our health organizations" series

Led by Kenneth Hardy, PhD

Oct 25, 2012
Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA

Conference Description:

This conference will increase our capacity to recognize, understand and address internalized privilege and oppression in our personal relationships and in the workplace. It will explore how we can address difference in power and privilege in ways that are useful and productive in our relationships and our work. Aiming to develop a practice of more closely and consistently examining our motivations and desired impact for any interatction, the conference will help us consider how we can be allies for each other in dealing with these issues. It is meant to cultivate a practice of "radical compassion" for ourselves and others through validation and non-violent communication tools. 

For more information, please vist the Agenda, Resources and Speaker Bio pages from the conference.


Conference Pages:

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