2012 Workshops

Workshop A: Developing your Next Steps – What’s New and Emerging in Health Careers

FacilitatorJeff Oxendine, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, President, Health Career Connection, President, MyHealth Career Manager, Co-Director, California Health Workforce Alliance

The dramatic change, growth and advances emerging in the health field combined with health workforce aging and retirements will offer tremendous career and leadership opportunity. This workshop will focus on emerging health career options and proven strategies participants can use to choose among emerging paths and manage their careers and networks to be successful.


Workshop B: Transitioning into a Management Role – People or Projects

Facilitators: Julie Brown, Principal, Julie M. Brown & Associates (Friday Sessions)
Ellie Schindelman, Education Director, Center for Health Leadership, UC Berkeley School of Public Health (Saturday Session)

Are you exploring people or project management as a possible next step on your career journey? Are you unsure of the skill sets you will need, and how you can develop them? Then this workshop is for you!

During this session, you will hear about the leadership attributes necessary for successful management of people and teams, and increase your understanding of the ways those skills can be developed within your current job responsibilities. You will also hear about additional development strategies for promotional readiness. In this workshop, you will:

• Identify the skills and challenges associated with effective people and project management

• Outline learning modalities for skill development and potential measures of readiness

• Outline strategies to position yourself for advancement


Workshop C: How to Develop a Powerful Professional Presence

Facilitator: Leslie Lupinsky, Leslie Lupinsky International

These days, it’s especially important to stand out professionally, whether you are looking for a new position or want to be more powerful in your current position. In this workshop, you will:

Assess and honor your own innate qualities and values

Build upon your strengths to broaden and expand your professional presence

Find out the five top secrets for expanding and enhancing your powerful presence at work

This will be a fun and experiential workshop where you will walk away with solid tips in claiming your own power and voice at work.


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